The Pinxton Puppets specialise in performing at outdoor events, such as Carnivals, Galas, School Fetes, Shopping and Pedestrian Zones as well as Craft and Country Fairs.

All of the Pinxton Puppets theatres include amplified sound and for their performances they are able to choose from a selection of sketches and stories. These range from the well-known, such as the Three Little Pigs, Hansel and Gretel and Little Red Riding Hood, through to the not so well-known, such as Robinson Crusoe and the Pirate on Treasure Island.

Usually at an outdoor show, the Pinxton Puppets would perform three different shows spread out throughout the duration of the event, each of which would last around 20-25 minutes. This policy enables visitors to enjoy one or more of the shows and yet still have ample time to enjoy all of the other attractions on offer. It also allows all of the visiting public to get a chance to see a show and not just those who are present at the event during 'prime time'.

In addition to the puppet shows, the Pinxton Puppets also provide an animated moving puppet display at outdoor events, which runs between the puppet shows, giving continuous entertainment throughout the event.

Because of their work in schools and school clubs etc., the Pinxton Puppets can't usually schedule performances at private birthday parties, although they would be more than willing to pass on details of other children's entertainers who may be able to help.

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