The Pinxton Puppets can also offer their ever-popular school workshops, ideal for Nursery, Reception and Key Stage 1 children, up to the age of seven years. These are suitable for up to three to four classes and for children of all abilities, including those with special needs. In addition to the puppet making, the visit also concludes with a puppet show for all of the children to enjoy!

The session fits comfortably into an approximate two-hour time slot and can take the form of either a 'half-day' visit, where it is presented either before or after lunch, or a 'full-day' visit, where it is presented both before and after lunch if the morning and afternoon groups consist of different children. Because of travel considerations, these workshops are usually only performed within the Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire areas.

PINXTON PUPPETS   The children have fun creating their own puppet characters  

The session usually begins with a period of puppet making for around an hour, where all of the participating children create their own 'mouse' or 'rat' stick puppet like the ones above, coloured and dressed as time and ability allow. Then, after a break and a 'clear up', the children all sit down and enjoy a 30-minute puppet show by the Pinxton Puppets to round things off.

In addition, the Pinxton Puppets also leave behind various puppet work sheets which can be used for follow up activities and, if the school so wishes, a number of different kinds of puppet (as seen here) can also be brought along by the Pinxton Puppets to demonstrate to the children some of the different types of puppet that they use in their performances.

PINXTON PUPPETS   These are some of the puppets which the Pinxton Puppets bring to show the children 

At the end of the session the children can either take their puppets home on the day or use them collectively for a class display and take them home at the end of term. In this case, a 'Pied Piper' character would also be created during the session so that the 'mice' or 'rats' could then be put together as a fantastic 'Pied Piper' wall display, where all the rats are seen following the Pied Piper out of Hamelin!

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